Vanuatu Fishing

Vanuatu Fishing

Some of the high lights of Vanuatu Fishing.

With untouched  grounds Vanuatu fishing is still rated up there with the best in the world. If you are looking for a salt water fishing adventure that is differant to the ordinary, or if you want to experience having a pull on a large  Blue Marlin or yellowfin, then do not miss the opportunity to come on over and take part in the excitement that Vanuatu fishing can offer.

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The busy fishing operators that are operating in Vanuatu fishing have an average Blue Marlin catch of about 80 to 100 every year. While a number of different fishing techniques are used, towing  a large variety of lures and live and dead baiting have long been practiced in the islands. Most operators tag and release all species of bill fish however just check with your operator to find out their policy on this.

Vanuatu Fishing

If you intend  on spending your holidays in Vanuatu fishing, you should go to Port Vila located which is the heart of Efate Island.  There are a number of game fishing boats operating out of Port Vila that would suit your needS. We operate 2 vessels that are more than adiquate for getting to all these locations. Shogun our 34ft Blackwatch is perfect for 1/2 day through to week long live-aboard and live-away charters. Wild Blue is more suited to 1/2 day
and day charters trips out of Port Vila.

Vanuatu Fishing Reports:

If you are looking for a vanuatu fishing report click to link (What We Are UpTo ). I try and keep this current and you will find info about fishing trips we have been doing. I also write Vanuatu Fishing Report for Blue Water magazine and New Zealand  Fishing News.

What sets Vanuatu fishing waters apart from other fishing destinations is that they‘re naturally rich in myriad of fish species of relatively immense sizes. Vanuatu fishing offers anglers a good chance of solid catches on every fishing trip. Some fishermen are able to catch their first 100 to 300kg+  Blue Marlin in the cobalt blue waters of Vanuatu on their first day game fishing ever, and this happens on a regular basis.

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Best locations When You Are In Vanuatu Fishing

With Google Maps, take a look on how breath-taking the Vanuatu archipelago is, there you can see how structured the Islands of Vanuatu are. A number of these islands welcome visitors that are on some sort of Vanuatu fishing expedition.

We have arrangements with some guest houses througout the islands so if you have a look at our trips and packages you will see some information about Vanuatu fishing holiday packages. When it comes to Vanuatu fishing holidays we would love the opertunity to talk to you.

We can provide our guest when they come to Vanuatu fishing with a lot if differant options. Weather you are interested in 3, 4 hour, 8 hour or shared charters or week long trips we have something on offer for you and we catter for all anglers.

Vanuatu Fishing

If you are fishing from Port Vila and you wish to fish the Marlin Highway, Nguna Volcano, Blue Hat, 366, the Erromango Sea Mounts, and Hat Island, the travel is relatively short to these destinations and you’ll enjoy sightseeing and fishing along the way. Each of these fishing spots or locations offer unique fish varieties.

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Types of fish found when your in Vanuatu fishing.

    When you are in Vanuatu fishing the type of fish that is most sort after in Port Vila is the Blue Marlin. This magnificent aggressive fish is the king of  the waters when fishing Vanuatu. Vanuatu tourism industry and in particular game and reef fishing has in fact continually developed as more and more experianced fishermen from all over the world gather all year round just to get a shot at these sport fish. The average catch of Blue Marlin in Port Vila is 200lb – 500lb, with the largest catch ever recorded as 1,135lb.

The Best Time For Fishing Vanuatu

The ideal season for the best Vanuatu fishing fall between the months of March and November, although game fishing in Vanuatu all year round is considered absolutly brilliant. During these months, Vanuatu waters has good weather conditions making it perfect for fishing. During these months also, fishermen from New Zealand and Australia are most likely to escape their winter and come to the tropics. (Check The Link Above)

Vanuatu Fishing is by far worth your time and money. They have the first class fishing boats, state-of-the-art fishing gears and equipment, and we offer a great range of  packages encompasing bothfishing and accommodations. Vanuatu is up there when it comes to the best place for fishing adventure, not to mention the nice people, world class scuba diving sites, and beautiful beaches. Vanuatu Fishing is more affordable than its ever been so do yourself a favor  and come on over and get amongst the action.

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